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UN’s Climate Change Plan and Russia: What’s Happening?

Earlier last month at the United Nations Security Council session, Russia was at the end of criticism by the five permanent members and the UN itself. The reason: Russia vetoed a longstanding resolution on climate change and blocked the plans of the UN.

As per thei nternational news outlets, Russia and India were the only two countries on the 15 member council to oppose the resolution. In turn, there was a major hue and cry regarding Russia’s constant role in underscoring the UN’s efforts to combat the climate crisis.

The Resolution

The resolution drafted by Ireland and Niger, the current president of the council, stated that climate change should be deemed equivalent to a threat to world peace. The resolution proposed that the UN and its Security Council should have authority in matters about armed conflicts and violence that may result in deterioration of climate to a further extent.

The Response

The U.S., France, and the UK, along with nine other members of the Security Council, supported the resolution. On the other hand, two of the permanent members, Russia and China, vetoed and abstained from the matter, respectively. India, alongside Russia, also opposed the resolution.

The Criticism

Russia has long been viewed as an anti-climate regime, with President Putin’s comments on Russia taking advantage of global warming making rounds in the global news. Moreover, Russia releases the fourth-highest carbon emissions in the world. However, after 2017 when Russia faced the first of the effects of global warming and saw extreme weather conditions doubling, the country took its first steps to combat the issue.As of late, Russia has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions and reach carbon neutrality by 2060.

UN climate change plan

The move last month, however, once again drew criticism towards Russia for undermining the UN’s efforts against climate change. According to the members of the Security Council, Russia has long been skeptical of the reality of climate change, and this latest move only validates the claims of its criticizers.

The Defense

In its statement issued to the UN, the Kremlin representative stated that while Russia is not turning a blind eye to the issue of climate change, it finds the resolution manipulative and filled with ulterior motives of the West. According to the Russian statement, the penholders of the resolution were forcing it without discussing the agenda in detail. Moreover, Russia said that the resolution, if passed, would allow the West to intervene in the personal matter of developing countries by linking their actions to security threats in the disguise of climate change.

India, on the other hand, reiterated that it’s a staunch supporter of measures against the climate crisis. However, the country stated that the UN council for climate change is the right platform to discuss the issue and not the UNSC.

What’s Next?

Russia’s move has once again divided the Security Council on a global matter. It’s yet to see how the UN addresses the issue to move forward with the resolution. For more news on climate and environment, international conflicts and current affairs, register at World Now.