The World’s Most Powerful Passports in 2022

A passport is an official travel document issued by each country’s government to its citizens. This booklet verifies the traveler’s identity (through details such as the bearer’s photo, name, signature, date of birth, and place of birth). It also holds the bearer’s nationality, which is important for crossing their home country’s border. Here are the most powerful passports from around the world in 2022:

Things to Know

The mobility score or MS measures the accessible number of countries on a given passport. It may be calculated as visa-free, visa on arrival, and visa required. For example, with a passport that permits traveling to 34 countries visa-free, 13 countries through visa on arrival, and five countries where a visa is required, the total mobility score sums up to be 52 (i.e., you can travel to 52 countries using your current passport). The higher the number of passports welcomed into the country, the greater the country’s welcoming score.

Passport Power Rank: 1

The passport from the United Arab Emirates has pretty much taken up all room as the most powerful passport in 2022. The mobility score for this passport climbs as high as 167 — divided as 113 visa-free, 54 visa on arrival, and 31 visa-required travelers.

Passport Power Rank: 2

Finland, Germany, Italy, South Korea, and Sweden all qualify as the second most powerful passports of 2022. While each has a mobility score of 163, they are divided differently in terms of no visa required to travel to the destination county, visa to be obtained upon arrival, and visas that need to be obtained online days before traveling.

Passport Power Rank: 3

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, New Zealand, and Spain qualify as the third most powerful passports of 2022, with an overall mobility score of 162. Previously, in 2021, Singapore and Japan qualified as the most powerful passports in the world, with access to 192 countries!

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