The Takeover of Afghanistan

I really do not want to SUBCRIBE to the allusion that the Biden administration failed or didn't do much in this regards...

I really do not want to SUBCRIBE to the allusion that the Biden administration failed or didn’t do much in this regards.
Clearly the Afghan leadership/politicians and military should be held accountable considering the huge investment and American lives that have been lost in the past 20years for this course.
If a child was birthed 20 years ago, s/he would have been a full grown individual by now and almost a university graduate if not. To think of this as a parent after all efforts on this said child of 20+, you still have to bath, spoon feed and diaper change him or her is an abarstion to any sense of responsibility.
After so many trainings, equipments and technological supplies of the US to the Afghan military for the past 20 years, to now think that their military could not defend or resist an already repressed movement and fell in just 11 days is unimaginable. What did the Afghans do? Instead of fighting for their own country with these supplies, they sheepishly handed over all the US supplies seamlessly to the Movement.

To think that the Talibans of less that 100k fighters and without an air strip could take over a country with over 300,000 foot soldiers and air raids capacity in just 11 days effortlessly, is a sabotage to the expenditure of the US Govt in Afghanistan. Please excuse me!
This is a clear loss of will of any people to defend themselves,and sincerity of intent to the US Govt and most painfully US lives lost in this battle.

In my opinion, the Afghans have been living in pretence and deceit to the US Govt and could have been underminding the efforts and ultimate sacrifices of the US Military for thr past 20 years.
The question is.. why should another citizen die for a country that her citizens aren’t willing to die for? Why should an American soldier fight a movement in a country that her citizens could be said to be aiding and abetting? Why is an American life better lost in Afghanistan where the Afghani President and his cohort fled from in the wake of crisis?
If you are not willing to die for your country, then don’t expect others to put themselves in harms way and sometimes pay the ultimate sacrifice for. These are sons and daughters to their parents. Mums and dads to their children, brothers and sisters to their siblings, and fellow residents of their communities. Think about it!
The pain of a lost loved one or your loved one being brought back to you having survived a blast or an attack and lost a part of their body. Think about it!

My sincerest heart felt simpathy to the vulnerable women and girls, the journalists and allies who worked with the US military in the fight. May God protect you and comfort you in His Safety.
Peace be upon Afghanistan! Peace be upon the Middle East, and peace be upon the world!
Finally, God Bless America, God Bless the United State and her Military.