The Future We Want The UN We Need.

We prepare for the future we truly want and work towards the United Nations we need...

We prepare for the future we truly want and work towards the United Nations we need. We make peace with our past, learn from the present and plan for a sustainable future.

I truly believe that the future is going to be fully technologically driven and life changing innovations and inventions are going to be made.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic brought so much fears, economic hardship and took away the lives of so many people. The post COVID-19 era is bringing a major global shift in the world.

We want a future where poverty is completely eradicated especially in poor nations of the world like the African nations.

We desire peace among nations and governments on earth. Good governance and respect for the rule of law in every nation is achievable. This will foster the peace and unity needed by the citizens.

We want a future where quality and affordable education is accessible to young individuals in different nations. Education is the bedrock of development and transformation in any society. Majority of the diseases affecting the world can be treated effectively through research and improved medical expertise.

The future of United Nations is very bright and promising. United Nations has a solid structural system to provide solutions to the problems facing the World system.

We need a United Nations that is committed to freeing humanity from poverty and hunger as a matter of urgency.

We need a United Nations that reaffirms the importance of freedom, peace and security, respect for human rights, and women empowerment. The United Nations should strive towards providing lasting solutions to the health and educational challenges in the world.

The United Nations is a citadel of excellence and is truly capable of achieving sustainable economic and social development in the world.

Chibueze Nwanmah