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A recent NBC News poll reports that 25% of Americans approve of President Biden’s handling of the situation in ...

A recent NBC News poll reports that 25% of Americans approve of President Biden’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan. I’m surprised that so many Americans approve of it. This has been a confused and chaotic withdrawal. It could have been easily handled as President Trump was doing. Biden through incompetence and probably other old-age issues, has overseen a period of destruction unlike no other in American history. People all over the world are watching in horror as the Taliban terrorizes the people of its own country and the Americans left behind. The governments of Germany and the United Kingdom are downright infuriated over Biden’s horrible job of handling the situation.

A competently executed withdrawal could have enhanced American credibility among some Pacific allies, especially if it was accompanied by clear steps to build up U.S. forces in East Asia. It could have been handled in a way where the Taliban leader Mullah Baradar would have not attacked Kabul, because the American president would have destroyed him. Trump in his only live person interview last week on Fox News, said that he had talked to Baradar directly when he was President. He informed Baradar that if he ever threatened the Afghan army or US forces in any way, he would be destroyed by the U.S. military. Trump told him that his home village would be the first place to be bombed if Baradar ever invaded Kabul.

More Americans than ever before miss Trump’s blunt and entertaining way of handling foreign affairs. People voted for Biden because they hated Trump. America would have elected a rock instead of Trump. However, many people are regretting their decision. Between inflation, the high price of gasoline and now the Afghan surrender, the 2022 midterm election will almost definitely result in a Republican victory in the House. This would usher in Nancy Pelosi’s retirement and give Trump a way of winning the Presidency again in 2024.

Biden could have easily handled the Afghan withdrawal in a graceful and proper method where the Taliban did not end up ruling the country. It would not have been hard, but for whatever reason Biden and his cabinet are not functioning. Something is very wrong here and nobody knows exactly what is happening.

Historically, those who predict U.S. failure have been repeatedly proved wrong, and the continuing vitality and creativity of American society suggest that this time, too, the pessimists may miss the boat. Overall, this embarrassing withdrawal is not that big of a deal. Sure, we sacrificed our allies, but it does not matter to the everyday American, because the country is on the complete opposite side of the world. However, that being said, we are only at the beginning of this crisis and no one knows what will happen in the future. Nobody knows what Biden will do or not do going forward. He does not even know himself.