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FiveClean Energy Trends to Look Forward To In 2022!

Climate and environment trends for the year 2022 are filled with exciting trends of clean energy!

The renewable energy industry thrived significantly in 2021, as the world saw the impact of a low carbon footprint during the pandemic. Technological advancements, lowering costs, and improved storage and production facilities were the major highlights of the clean energy segment in the previous year.

Now, as the world moves into the year 2022 and the climate crisis continues to dwell upon mankind, the trajectory for clean energy trends is pacing up. What’s in store for renewable energy this year? Let’s find out in this blog.

Solar will Rule

As of now, solar energy has a meager share of2.3 percent of the total energy consumption of the U.S. In the coming year, the integration of solar photovoltaic is widely predicted, and the industry is expected to boom. This means that in 2022, there will be more houses in the U.S. to benefit from solar energy, and manufacturers will be keen on making lighter, cheaper, and environmentally friendly panels to meet the growing needs.

Infrastructure Development

On the front of wind energy, huge infrastructure development is expected. From turbines to transmission lines to land acquisition for windmills installation, all seems to be the agenda of utility companies intending to thrive on wind energy. This will also allow expedition of state approvals, landowner permits, and industry legislation to ensure that 2022 sees exponential growth in wind energy distribution.

Micro Grids and Shared Distribution

One of the major factors hindering most Americans from using renewable energy sources is the uncertain or limited availability of solar or wind energy. In 2022, companies will focus on developing micro-grids and shared distribution systems so that residential users can benefit from the renewable energy resources through a larger system in every area, city, and state. Now, most Americans who wish to switch to clean energy will be able to do so with the help of these systems.

Solar energy boom

Newer Technologies

From hybrid cars, renewable electricity generation to sustainable products, 2021 saw a boom of eco-friendly trends. Moving forward, owing to the growing demands of the consumers, industries will invest and innovate to create equipment, tools, and utilities focusing on renewable energy. This means that biomass, wind, solar, water, and natural energy resources will be the center of most technological advancements in 2022.

Cheaper, Cleaner, Greener Energy

As the infrastructure development will channel the production of clean energy and distribution systems will make it widespread among consumers, the industry will grow. This, in turn, will result in massive production and lowered costs. The more renewable energy will be consumed, the more it will be produced and the cheaper it’s estimated to be. Additionally, climate and environmental supporters will continue to advocate for better, cleaner means of energy consumption.

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