Chaos in Afghanistan

The world was shocked Sunday when videos appeared all over cable news of violent jihadists...

Chaos in Afghanistan

The world was shocked Sunday when videos appeared all over cable news of violent jihadists, or the Taliban taking over a capital city in a war-torn country. Many people saw this coming and were confused why the Biden administration did so little to prevent it. Biden has proved totally incompetent and it leaves us to wonder who is really calling the shots in the US. Among the most affected people in this disaster are the women and girls. The Taliban spokesman said that only Afghan women will enjoy their rights (as under Shariah Law). Which basically means that women have zero rights in Afghanistan now.

But the effects of a weak administration cause much more harm than that. Girls’ schools have been shut down in parts of the country; teenage girls have been forced into marriages with Taliban fighters; and residents report that armed soldiers are searching apartments and taking names. A widely circulated video purports to show the jihadist group’s soldiers executing 22 unarmed Afghan army commandos after theirs surrender. It really could not be much worse.

Americans are trapped in Afghanistan with Taliban forces blocking them from reaching the airport. The collapse of the Ghani government left as many as 15,000 Americans and permanent residents along with an unknown number of other Westerners and foreigners trapped behind Taliban lines. Congressional offices are receiving non-stop calls with concerns about Americans not being able to return home. In addition, many American veterans and others working abroad, are extremely worried over their Afghan friends who assisted US troops while risking the lives of them and their families. Whether this is from Biden’s incompetence or the instructions of someone else in the government it is unbelievable how bad he has messed this up. He should resign immediately given that his cognitive abilities and those abilities to understand things are not on par with the stress and craziness of the job he has.

This may become very similar to the 1979 hostage crisis in Tehran. If the Taliban decide to kidnap Americans, there is no guarantee the US can do anything about it. Nothing is more important than getting American citizens to safety as quickly as possible, but the US doesn’t control the process. The Taliban clearly does not change its behavior over US threats. If they did take American seriously, they would have stopped fighting us 20 years ago. With such a violent group, completely led by men, the Taliban is by its nature an egotistical, stubborn movement that will eventually collapse.

Now that the Taliban have taken power, they will be more cash-strapped than ever before. Sure, they could survive for decades in the remote countryside by selling heroine and methamphetamine, but now that they control a major capital city them expenses are skyrocketing. It is interesting how such a “pure” and religious movement sells drugs all over the world that ruin peoples’ lives and create addictions that ruin families and communities. The irony of this is so great that it is almost impossible to miss. The Taliban will not be able to effectively rule. The Afghan banking system has collapsed, while people continue to withdraw money in one of the greatest banks runs in world history. How will the Taliban levy tax to pay for roads, schools, bridges and hospitals? How will they fund their military which will now need to be gigantic to preserve their regime? This may become one of the greatest failures in world history, where the Taliban will ultimately destroy themselves.